Crowfield Airfield, Suffolk

Crowfield Airfield Instructors

At Crowfield Airfield we are fortunate to have three very experienced instructors who enjoy instructing at Crowfield Airfield when they are required. Learn a little about the instructors below.

Crowfield Airfield Instructors
Instructor John Scales

John Scales

John Scales is the man who will teach you to fly, if you learn at Crowfield Airfield. He is highly experienced and is a former captain on the Boeing 737 and BAE 146, as well as other aircraft types.

Instructor Damian D’Lima

Damian D’Lima

Damian D’Lima is a former RAF fast jet test pilot, qualified to instruct on a variety of aircraft from Chipmunk and Bulldog through to Hawk and Tornado. He still instructs part time on the Tutor at RAF Wittering. Damian is available at Crowfield Airfield for pilots who would like some further training, for example tail wheel flying in our Piper Super Cub, check outs in our Robin DR400, or refresher and SEP revalidation training. He will also happily join you on a day trip to France, to take you through filing a flight plan and customs form, and to introduce you to flying abroad for the first time.