Crowfield Airfield, Suffolk

Flying Training

PPL stands for Private Pilot’s Licence and is a course designed to train you to confidently handle a light aircraft and fly with passengers.

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PPL Training

We offer full PPL training. The course consists of a minimum of 45 hours, at least ten of these hours need to be solo flight. The course follows an internationally recognised structure and syllabus covering all basic manoeuvres.

Find out more about the PPL on the Civil Aviation Authority website.

Tail Dragger Training and Conversions

At Crowfield Airfield we have a Piper Super Cub 150hp which is available for tail dragger training/conversions/farm strip flying or you can learn to fly on our Super Cub and complete your full PPL course on a tail dragger.

IR(R) Training

The IR(R) rating qualifies you to fly in various weather conditions in certain types of airspace including poor visibility and cloud.

It concludes with a test, during which you show your proficiency at controlling the aircraft, using the various flight instruments and follow an ‘instrument approach procedure’ to navigate on to the final approach to land.

Aerobatics Training

We offer aerobatics training with our Robin R2112.

Biennial Flight Reviews

We also offer a Biennial Flight Review (BFR) and revalidation service.